GOBRANDING aims to be a company that continues to deliver as a leader in the industry of online services and online brand development services, not only in Vietnam but also in Asia.

Our Mission: “All For Your Leading”

To our customers

Alongside our business slogan “All For Your Leading”, GOBRANDING always accompanies and supports customers to step by step become a game-changer in their own industry via the Internet.

What we would like to accomplish is bringing quality service & long-term relationship with customers

To our colleagues

We keep in mind and highly appreciate the great importance to personnel training, creating a dynamic environment, stimulating creativity and comprehensive & outstanding personal development for each member. GOBRANDING always considers each colleague as a Talent and a Teammate.

All because of the leadership & leadership right at each professional position. Each member can create outstanding values for customers, for the company and for themselves.

Our business slogan:“All For Your Leading

Giá trị cốt lõi công ty GOBRANDING

Core values

Giá trị cốt lõi sáng tạo

Creative and critical thinking, unstoppably willing to self-ask the question “Is there any better way to do it?”

Giá trị cốt lõi - Khách hàng

Customer-centric, put yourself in the customer’s shoes and serve the customer as how you would like to be served

Giá trị cốt lõi - đoàn kết

Solidarity – Professionalism for the ultimate objective of sustainable development.

Tinh thần nhiệt huyết

The spirit of working hard – playing hard, always serious and harmonious in terms of work-life balance.

Tinh thần trách nhiệm

Be honest, sincere and responsible with yourself, your family, the company and more important, the society.


Global Online Branding Joint Stock Company (GOBRANDING) is a Japanese-invested company, proactively operating in the field of providing online brand development services.

Ban lãnh đạo GOBRADNDING

GOBRANDING’s board of leaders are experts in the Japan and Vietnam market, with subtaintial years of experience in the field of consulting, providing online services, especially SEO Services.

Our Japanese experts have a deep understanding of technological techniques applied to Japan’s extremely competitive market. Meanwhile, Vietnamese experts understand the in-depth trends of local online users. Due to this collaboration, GOBRANDING confidently delivers a greater capacity of providing customers with the most suitable solution to expand the market and increase revenue for all Vietnamese businesses.

Our beginning started from The gathering of 3 individuals from Vietnam and Japan

– 2008 –

anh-Hieu-di-Nhat-3Ông Phan Trung Hiếu

November 2008, Mr. Phan Trung Hieu, a young lecturer from Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, and he joined the Vietnamese delegation for going to Japan to attend the cooperation program on training Japanese IT engineers. Here, he met many friends, IT experts in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Mongolia… and visited leading IT enterprises in Japan.

After returning to Vietnam, he implemented the Japanese IT Engineer standard training program for students of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City and hosted the seminar “Training Information Technology Related Human Resources to International Standards” at VNU-HCM with the participation of many Japanese businesses, in which JETRO – Japan Trade Promotion Organization is the coordinating unit.

– 2009 –

cuoc-gap-go-7Ông Koichiro Abe (bên phải)

Following that, in the process of finding and expanding relations with Japanese partners, Mr. Hieu met Mr. Koichiro Abe, an expert on Japan-Vietnam trade-investment connection. Mr. Koichiro highly appreciates the potential of IT development within Vietnam in general and HCMC in particular. Mr. Koichiro has made many educational school trips to encounter teachers and students…

– 2010 –

Ông Koichiro Abe và ông Eiji Shioda (bên trái)

In 2010, when returning to Japan for working purposes, Mr. Koichiro have discussed with Mr. Eiji Shioda – an expert in SEO services and online brand development in Japan about the programs that Mr. Hieu has been implementing.

Furthermore, on their business trip to Vietnam, Mr. Koichiro and Mr. Eiji met with Mr. Hieu to deeply discuss training programs and cooperation between Vietnam – Japan, also how to improve the capacity of Vietnamese enterprises to meet Japanese quality standards, more importantly, brand development to promote trade between the two countries.

– 2012 –

GOBRANDING hình thành

In 2011, throughout a various of project cooperation , Mr. Koichiro and Mr. Eiji had recognized and better understanding of the market, development potential in Vietnam. By the plenty of Mr. Eiji’s years of experience in the field of optimizing websites to improve search engine rankings, we aim to set Vietnamese businesses in firm foundation to successfully  approach investors from Japan via the on working programs by Mr. Koichiro.

From the three enthusiastic founders’ standpoints, we hope to mutually cooperate to develop a company and support for Japanese businesses to find potential partners and investment opportunities in Vietnam through the Internet. In addition, we also hope to create a way for Vietnamese businesses to have the opportunity to find and approach customers and investors from Japan, specifically through the Google search engine.

In 2012, GOBRANDING was successfully established with all the above ideas. Its creation contributes to connecting Vietnamese – Japanese businesses by the Internet, and greatly becomes a motivator for Vietnamese companies to lift their businesses up, and also look forward to partners and customers in their own market.



We have two major investors from Japan.

Mr. Eiji Shioda (塩田英司)    

Mr. Eiji is an expert in the field of SEO, having provided SEO services in Japan and Southeast Asia for over 17 years. At the same time, he is well-versed and proficient in the field of Website Marketing in general, and has been bringing the latest technologies from Japan and the United States to Vietnam.

Mr. Koichiro Abe (安部浩一朗)

As the founder of Raycean Inc,. Mr. Koichiro has been firmly collaborating as a crucial bridge between Japan and Vietnam. He has lived in Vietnam since 2010 and is an expert in all areas of business and has played an important role in the success of projects that connect businesses and public organizations.

 Strategic collaborators

Our collaborators work together at GOBRANDING and aim to enhance the value chain of Vietnam’s business activities.

GSOFT company

GSOFT with its strength of 10 years of experience in the field of information technology and familiar with the development of software algorithms in the 4.0 industrial era.

SEMrush company

GOBRANDING is the General Agent of SEMrush (the world’s leading online marketing management tool) in the Vietnam market. At the same time, we apply the knowledge of our experts and the power of the SEMrush toolkit to our clients’ projects at GOBRANDING.


Currently, GOBRANDING is willing to provide a full-packaged online marketing method for customers’s sales activities. Our responsibility is to accompany you in building and developing a leading online brand on the internet.

Our services

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SEO service

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 Content Marketing service

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Google Adwords service

GOBRANDING is proud to be a pillar of support for many businesses in Vietnam successfully reach many potential customers and improve and enhance online brand awareness.

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