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icon dịch vụ phân tích websiteAnalyze the competitive market from both macro and micro perspectives.

Understand the weak and strong points of your competitors.

icon dịch vụ phân tích websiteUnderstand your company’s strong points in order to come up with an effective marketing strategy.

How well do you understand your competitors?

Tracking and researching your competitors is the “key to success” for most companies in properly planning their marketing and product development. So, how well does your company currently understand its competitors?

GOBRANDING’s competitor website analysis service provides you with timely and complete data (keywords, backlinks, traffic, etc.) on your competitors. This allows you to obtain a superior source of data and discover your future competitive advantage.

To beat your competitors, you need to not only know them well but also understand their weaknesses and find ways to use them more effectively.

Where is your company located in the market?

You may think you are leading the market, but your customers don’t always see it that way. Competitive market positioning opens the door for you to fill the gaps you face in your business by learning your competitors’ advantages.

GOBRANDING’s competitor website analysis service will help you reacquaint yourself with your company’s strengths and weaknesses. These data will help you fill in the gaps, find potential misalignments, and most importantly, help you position yourself above your competition.

Bring your marketing strategy to life for your business through comprehensive results.

Market Analysis 

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An overview of the latest industry market, showing upward and downward trends to come up with an appropriate development strategy.

Website Analysis 

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Provides key metrics such as traffic, backlinks, and keywords on your website to see what strategies your competitors are implementing and what your strong and weak points are.

 Competitor Analysis

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Who are your direct or indirect competitors? What is the growth rate and product development of that competitor? What has your competitor done to beat you? What are your competitors’ weaknesses, and where are they?

  GOBRANDING leverages the unparalleled power of the Semrush toolkit for competitive website analysis services, providing all the critical data to help in the strategy development process.

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GOBRANDING will analyze your company with accurate data:

phân tích traffic


Displays an overview of traffic data on the analyzed website.

Clearly display traffic in a graph.

Analyze which channels your website traffic is coming from.

Find out how your competitors are investing in SEO, advertising and PR.

How your website traffic compares to your competitors.


Detailed analysis of your competitors based on their keywords, number of searches, ranking, difficulty and CPC for each keyword.

Find the most effective keywords that will maximize your competitor’s traffic.

Compare keywords with many different websites and present a plan to develop and improve better keywords.

Analyze the increase or decrease in keyword rankings.

Gather marketing ideas from your competitors’ latest online advertisements based on the following information:
The number of keywords used by your competitors.
Traffic acquired from keywords.
The cost of attracting the traffic from the ad.

phân tích từ khóa
phân tích backlink


Examine the websites on which your competitors are developing backlinks.

Shows the growth of profiles for competitors’ website backlinks, by time period.

Compare backlink profiles between websites.

Investigate the status of your website’s backlinks being updated, the number of backlinks, and the backlinks that have been removed.

Find out the gaps and opportunities missed in your backlinking strategy compared to your competitors. This will help you identify a better backlink building strategy for the future.

We also offer a variety of other categories of services.

Competitor website analysis services provide excellent value

Competitor screening

Analyze and classify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to determine who your direct and indirect competitors are.

Positioning in the market

Measure your company’s strong points so that you can head in the right direction.

Discovering your competitive advantage

We will help you discover what makes your company better than your competitors and help you make that advantage even greater.

Optimizing weaknesses compared to competitors

Find out where your company lags behind your competitors and offer strategies to overcome them.

Building a new marketing strategy to beat the competition

All data analyzed by GOBRANDING is directed towards the goal of outperforming competitors and building newer marketing strategies.

We’ve analyzed thousands of websites. 

Now it’s your turn.

GOBRANDING has more than 10 years of experience with marketing experts in Japan and Vietnam, providing in-depth analysis, multi-faceted analysis, and the best solutions to outperform your competitors.

GOBRANDING is committed to high quality

dịch vụ phân tích website đối thủ chính xác


Utilize reputable tools to obtain accurate and complete data.

dịch vụ phân tích website đối thủ kỹ lưỡng


Thoroughly analyze the data from each aspect.

dịch vụ phân tích website đối thủ từ chuyên gia


Analysis will be conducted by experts in the field of web marketing.

Received the trust from many large enterprises

  Hundreds of other companies have also implemented.

The price of “Competitor Analysis Service” has been reduced by 50% to 500,000VND.

Instantly discover all your competitors’ “secrets”!

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