SEO Standard Article Writing Services For Websites

Develop website content to increase the strength of your website and enhance your brand awareness with customers.

Increasing more internal resources for developing a new website which creates a solid foundation to increase the number of visits to your website and helps you meet your customers’ needs.

We contribute to support the SEO process for your target keywords. Regularly developing new content in your industry and being able to address a wide range of keywords will help improve your website rating with Google.

We provide high quality content for both your website and your customers. This content can then be used and distributed through other channels such as social networks, forums, and email marketing.

Will the SEO Standard Article Writing Services harm your website?

When you invest in a website, what do you expect? Attracting visitors and converting them into customers, that’s what will grow your business. Content is a website’s best weapon. Investing in content about your website will affect your ability to sell and brand your business.

Viết bài chuẩn SEP không chỉ là đáp ứng yếu tố kĩ thuật

Writing standard SEO articles is not just about addressing technical factors

Google changes its algorithm frequently to properly respond to the needs of users in searching for information. Therefore, SEO standard content is a basic requirement, but not a critical element. If all websites meet the technical SEO requirements (keyword density, title length, heading tags, etc.), the core differentiator is the quality of the content. This relies heavily on the content creator’s willingness to create quality content.

Your website and Google are both providing a service to customers (users of the Internet), not to machines.

“Poor quality content” will lower your ranking and brand power

Do you have any of these questions?

“I’m losing rankings for my target keywords even though I’m doing SEO for them.”

“You’ve written hundreds of articles on your website, but your traffic doesn’t seem to be increasing.”

This is one of the most important reasons why low quality content is so important. Google and your customers are tired of seeing this kind of content, and it creates a bad brand image.

Poor content reduces the metrics of a website (page response, time on page, pages per visit, etc.), and if Google detects this information and determines that a website does not provide an experience for users, it will lower the search results. If Google detects this information and determines that a website does not provide a good experience for users, the search results will drop.

Once this happens, more time and extra costs will be required to try to restore your own website to its original state

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Thuật toán Google

We need to constantly keep up with new algorithms

The requirements for standard services vary according to Google’s algorithms. It is imperative for a professional SEO writing service to quickly understand and stay abreast of the latest algorithms in order to quickly apply them to the content creation process.

What GOBRANDING guarantees


Keep up with the latest algorithms

We have the leading SEO experts in Japan and the US search engine (Semrush) to keep you up to date with any changes in Google’s algorithm, quickly and accurately.


Responding to customer needs

We understand what you are looking for in your industry and come up with the best keywords and content strategy.


High value-added content

You can’t copy content. Each content is a product that has a combined sales value and brand value to the customer.

High quality content, which is highly valued by both Google and your customers, naturally brings more value than low quality content and has a positive impact on your website.!

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GOBRANDING’s Standard SEO Services

Bước 1

Provide a project plan with clear work categories and timeline.


Bước 2

Review the product information with the customer.


Bước 3

Conduct search behavior research and keyword analysis.

Bước 4

Plan and present each article’s content details to the client.


Bước 5

Maintain SEO standard content in an optimized state.


BƯớc 6

Maintain consistency in our testing system and system quality to deliver content to our customers.

Why more than 2,000 customers have chosen GOBRANDING.

GOBRANDING has a number of SEO experts who understand the Google algorithm and international tools. We can apply our knowledge of effective SEO to your website.

ckeck-iconThe contract is clear and clearly states the conditions for securing the customer’s interests.

ckeck-iconWe hand over the copyright of documents, contents, and images to the customer.

ckeck-iconIn order to interact with our clients, we manage the project progress through our professional support system. Response time is fast.


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GOBRANDING High Quality SEO Standard Article Writing Services


Service Categories 50 contents  100 contents 200 contents
Price 37.500.000 vnđ 67.500.000 vnđ 120.000.000 vnđ
Period 3 tháng 6 tháng 12 tháng
Product Information and Service Review tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la
Search needs research Keyword content strategy proposal tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la
Sample image creation tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la
Discussions for content improvement tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la
Article upload support tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la
Google submission
tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la
Internal Link tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la tick-xanh-la

GOBRANDING’s SEO Standard Article Writing Services are of high quality, employing the latest Google algorithms. Our high quality content can be used to promote your website and maximize your branding power!

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