GOBRANDING’s online marketing services provide an integrated solution that fits your business strategy. In addition, we promote new sales opportunities and collaborate with you to achieve your goals in every aspect of your business.

Increasing market coverage

Your online brand will always be present where your potential customers see it on the Internet. Follow your customers’ online journeys, make sure that they shall remember your brand, and have a relationship with them. Increasing brand awareness is a prerequisite for triggering a purchase.

Creation of new sales opportunities

There is no single type of customer expectation for the same product or service. Online marketing solutions bring many sales opportunities by reaching out to many new customers and satisfying their various needs. Therefore, more and more selling opportunities shall be opening for businesses.

Increasing revenue

We will increase brand awareness so that your brand becomes “top of mind” for your customers, and we will pursue and nurture content marketing strategies to increase their trust in your company. All of these will provide a powerful solution to your conversion rate and revenue target figures.

GOBRANDING’s Online Marketing Services

GOBRANDING brings value to your business through a cross-platform, multi-platform strategy and GOBRANDING’s experienced experts will work with you to combine marketing channels to fit your budget and line of business. The choice will be made with advice during orientation.


Standard SEO Website Design Services


SEO Services


Content Marketing Services


Google Ads Services


Facebook Advertising Services


Competitor Website Analysis Services


Website Speed Optimization Services

How will GOBRANDING’s online marketing services integrate with your business’s marketing strategy?

Standard SEO Website Design Services

In the advanced information age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep customers on your website for long periods of time. Without an improved user experience due to factors such as poor interface or slow access speed, conversion rates will drop and sales goals will not be met. A standard SEO website design will increase efficiency when implemented in conjunction with other campaigns (SEO keywords, Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.), helping to affect your marketing goals and grow your brand.


SEO Services


Google search plays an important role in the buying process of customers. Starting from finding useful information about the industry to direct information about buying products, they search for many keywords to solve their respective needs and search many times in the process of purchase.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. Our experts in Japan and Vietnam, SEMrush, always understand and grasp the changes in the algorithm and respond quickly in time to keep your website’s keyword set at the top and achieve a competitive advantage over Google’s search results. This allows you to continuously attract potential customers and increase your revenue.

GOBRANDING’s SEO services are divided into the following types of SEO services, depending on your industry and various needs, for instance: 

  • SEO Keyword Service: Select the right set of keywords for your individual marketing strategy.
  • SEO Traffic Services: Enhance your brand value through investment invaluable content to attract traffic to your website in a sustainable manner.
  • Comprehensive SEO Services: A strategy to dominate the market by covering all business keywords for your company.

In a long-term strategy, SEO can help companies optimize their marketing costs.

Content Marketing Services

The content marketing strategy is to attract, generate interest, stimulate thinking, create demand, and drive conversions. It involves creating and distributing a content chain at each stage of the sales funnel.

Competition on the Internet is dominated by content. Content should not only build individual value, but also interlinked chains. GOBRANDING’s experts shall collaborate with you to create a content marketing plan for a minimum of 6 months based on your current and future marketing strategies.

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Google Ads Service

Dịch vụ Google Search Ads

Google Ads allows you to reach your customers accurately and almost instantly. It is a particularly good solution for websites with low organic traffic, websites in the early stages of SEO, and companies that want to show off their multi-channel effectiveness. From there, you can quickly acquire a large number of potential customers in a short period of time.

There are three types of Google Ads at GOBRANDING.

  1. Search Network Ads (Google Search Ads): Through the active search behavior of users, you can quickly and accurately reach customers to the right users who have demand for your products and services.
  2. Shopping Ads (Google Shopping Ads): This is the best form of advertising for companies that want to promote their main products in their online stores.
  3.  Display Network Ads (Google Display Network): increase brand awareness and remind customers through visual messages. It is suitable for remarketing campaigns.

GOBRANDING’s experts will track your campaigns and continuously optimize each cost.

Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook Ads advertising services are designed to help companies create simple and effective advertising strategies to attract the right potential customers.

With GOBRANDING, we understand your customers and competitors, build quality content for each customer, and optimize your advertising metrics to ensure good performance and optimization.

Competitor Website Analysis Services

To understand your strengths and optimal factors to position yourself and promote your company in the marketplace compared to your competitors. Understand the general and specific traffic, keywords, and backlink strategies that your competitors are targeting or trying to target.

With over 17 years of experience as an online marketing expert in the Japanese and Vietnamese markets, GOBRANDING can provide you with in-depth analysis and consultation on the best solutions.

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Website Speed Optimization Service

Page loading speed is a key factor in a user’s experience of a website; 73% of users are dissatisfied when they experience a slow-loading website, and a one-second delay in page loading speed can result in a 6.9% loss of revenue.

Increasing your website’s speed will also complement your Google ads; the better Google perceives your website to users, the better your ad spend will be optimized, and at the same time, the more likely you are to convert.

Together with GOBRANDING to achieve great power

Online marketing services can only be maximized when your marketing team and GOBRANDING’s marketing experts work together. We will work with you to understand your company’s problems and direction and work with you on the path to your goals.

GOBRANDING and your marketing department are a team that works together toward a common goal: business. By working together, we can create a greater power.


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By becoming a team, we can create great value for your business!

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