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Website SEO Services has over 17 years of experience in the Japanese and Vietnamese markets. GOBRANDING has a highly acclaimed SEO expert. Build, plan, and execute website optimizations in a professional and sustainable way to support your business in building, planning and implementing website optimization with search engines (Google) professionally and sustainably.

Why do companies need to choose SEO services for their long-term marketing strategy?

Websites are the sustainable digital home

Nowadays, with the development of various digital marketing platforms such as social networks, mobile applications, videos, banners, etc., websites are becoming more and more important as a hub to connect and manage these activities in multi-channels.

Reach out to the right target audience

By analyzing the behavior and desires of potential customers, we assemble tactics to attract customers to your website. Then, through analysis, we will select appropriate keywords to ensure that your website appears on the first page of Google’s search results.

Increase sales opportunities for companies

Increase customer purchases and orders by understanding the desires of potential customers, guiding them with relevant words, and increasing customer interaction. All of these actions shall result in increased potential sales opportunities for the company.

Increase brand awareness

By understanding the diverse search behavior of your target audience, you can build smart keyword strategies, appropriate content strategies, and approach them at the right time.


Increase trust and credibility with customers

A content marketing strategy (Content Marketing) conveys a comprehensive and consistent sales message that is integrated with your overall marketing strategy. It combines with the ability to reach out to your customers and shall also increase their trust in your business.

Expanding sales

First, increase market access and sales opportunities. Second, increase brand awareness and trust to the point where you outperform your competitors. As a result, you will be able to get more customers to use your products and buy them again and again, thereby increasing your sales.


Improve overall marketing efficiency

A multichannel marketing strategy allows companies to gain a competitive advantage by incorporating other advertising platforms, such as social networks, display ads, and other paid ads into their websites. The website can also serve as a channel to support transactions from other channels so that deals of sales can be closed earlier.

Long term optimization of marketing costs

SEO activities affect all activities related to a website. Companies accumulate customers, build up their own brand value, and build up the quality of their website over time. By optimizing costs, you can contribute to improving your competitiveness.


Types of GOBRANDING’s Website SEO Services

Keyword SEO Service

With our keyword SEO service, you will receive GOBRANDING’s consulting services to create a list of keywords that fit your product’s marketing strategy and current goals (sales promotion, brand development, etc.). We will optimize your website for these keywords and get it to the top of Google’s search rankings.

SEO Traffic Service

SEO Traffic Service helps you expand your target audience for your website content shortly after its creation. When a company has such content, it can directly or indirectly promote its business and make transferable impacts on either business values.

Comprehensive SEO Services

These comprehensive SEO services are a market-leading strategy for many keywords in the industry by extensively reaching out to the direct and indirect needs of customers through market analysis, competitive research, and implementation of SEO services.

Get SEO advice based on your website’s internal resources!

Schedule a consultation with an expert

The overall process for implementing effective and professional SEO services

The successful implementation of SEO Web services depends on 20% of the needs analysis and solution orientation in the initial consultation, so GOBRANDING’s SEO service process covers the entire process from the initial consultation to the end of the project.


Receive a consulting solution

GOBRANDING’s experts will propose the most effective SEO service implementation solution and roadmap based on a comprehensive assessment of your short and long-term goals, and your financial and technical capabilities to meet them.


Proposal analysis and optimization (SEO Audit)

We will conduct a survey and accurate analysis of your website’s current status, including its content, structure, backlink (Backlink audit), and competitor ratings. As a result, we will propose a concrete plan for optimizing your website in accordance with the algorithm standards recommended by Google, with optimal coordination between GOBRANDING and you.

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Website Optimization

With GOBRANDING’s SEO services, we optimize all four of the following elements:

On-site SEO: this is the optimization of the elements on your website. It includes all 24 elements listed in the checklist.

On-page SEO: this is the optimization of your landing page. It evaluates whether the landing page is a good match, meets your goals, and sells.

Content Optimization: We take a detailed look at all existing content on the web and optimize it according to our recommendations. Make sure to track conversions on a regular basis, especially for the content of high importance.

Off-page SEO: off-page refers to the external elements that need to be built to make a website more accessible to customers; GOBRANDING utilizes available resources to create links and increase the strength of a website.

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Track and Optimize to Maintain a Good Ranking

Only because your website ranks high doesn’t mean you can stop optimizing it. Every day, Google and its competitors are constantly on the move, and GOBRANDING’s Google SEO service will continuously monitor your website even after it has reached the top. At the same time, if further optimization is needed, we will plan for it and provide you with regular reporting data.

Impressive numbers done by SEO company GOBRANDING


Websites that has been optimized by Google standards


Keywords increase ranking


Satisfied customers


Websites with increased traffic

Our customer who has successfully completed an SEO project with GOBRANDING

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Why should you choose GOBRANDING SEO services?


The first SEO unit in Vietnam has been consistently receiving significant investment from Japan for more than 17 years.


Inheriting over 17 years of sustainable SEO training from Japanese experts.


We can help your customers contact your site with comprehensive online marketing solutions.


Our goal is to benefit you: increased traffic, increased sales opportunities, and increased conversion rates.


We build an individual SCRUM project implementation model for efficient project management.


Being the official distributor of SEMrush in Vietnam – the world’s No.1 digital marketing management platform.


GOBRANDING has its SEO service headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City and SEO service branch in Hanoi, making it more convenient for customers to further reach into and consult the suitable SEO solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If GOBRANDING receives SEO services from other sites in the same industry, do they ever conflict with each other?

At GOBRANDING, the end result is what matters most. To ensure that incoming projects do not clash or compete with each other, GOBRANDING's work process always includes a step to review the solution before sending it to the customer.

My website has no content, does GOBRANDING write articles for my website in the process of doing SEO?

GOBRANDING only writes content for landing pages for SEO keywords in our SEO services. If, during the consulting process, it is determined that the website content needs to be supplemented, we recommend investing in content development or using GOBRANDING's content marketing services.

What kind of information do I need to provide for SEO?

You will need to provide your website admin account information and your hosting admin account. If you are unable to provide your hosting admin information, you will need to perform a best fit request from GOBRANDING. You will also need to provide us with information about your products and services during the content creation phase of the sales landing page.

How will I interact with GOBRANDING during the contract period?

Your interactions with GOBRANDING will include traditional phone calls and in-person meetings at GOBRANDING's offices, as well as online interactions such as video calls and requests through the support system. GOBRANDING prioritizes online interactions, such as video calls and requests made through the support system, in order to improve the efficiency of recording and processing transaction history.

How long does it take to implement an SEO project?

The implementation period of GOBRANDING's SEO project is less than a year, and we promise that your keywords will be at the top after 6 months. However, we usually start to see top results for some keywords after 3 months.

How do you verify the work done by GOBRANDING?

During the implementation of the project, GOBRANDING will report on the completion of work in each optimization phase and the entire project every 6 months including automatic reporting of daily keyword ranking results. Clients will be given an account in GOBRANDING's dedicated "Project Management" system to proactively monitor and review their SEO project and respond quickly.

Is GOBRANDING's SEO site safe?

At GOBRANDING, we conduct our projects according to strict Japanese processes. With that, we also make a commitment to ensure the best interests of our clients. We offer our clients a refund mechanism for keywords that do not rank high, and by choosing GOBRANDING's SEO services, you will have the peace of mind that comes with implementing your online marketing activities.

Outperform Google’s top pages with safe – sustainable –  effective SEO services

We will provide you with keyword analysis results and a quote!

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Thank you for your interest in GOBRANDING’s SEO services.

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