The solution helps businesses quickly reach more than 70 million users in Vietnam on today’s leading social networking platform!

According to Facebook statistics, it says:


60.6% of internet users use Facebook


new users sign up to Facebook every minute


million likes per minute on Facebook


Facebook is accessed an average of 8 times per day


Users spend an average of 58.5 minutes on Facebook every day

Top 3 criteria to help customers choose our Facebook advertising service with peace of mind

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Based on the data provided by customers, GOBRANDING will analyze and provide accurate demographic information such as age, industry, scope, geographical area, etc. exactly to reach the target customers of the business.

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From understanding the target audience, GOBRANDING will build and optimize the messages, images, and videos on the ads to attract the most customers.

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When everything is well planned with a clear goal, GOBRANDING will optimize the advertising metrics at the best level, to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing quality with a fixed budget.

The implementation process of GOBRANDING’s Facebook Ads Advertising Service

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Stage 1: Receiving information and service quotation

With enthusiastic support and advice from a high-experienced team, Online Marketing experts, GOBRANDING shall discuss with you to understand how much your budget is and what your ultimate goals are. From there, we will advise you on the form of Facebook advertising that suits your budget and business goals.


Stage 2: Agree, sign the contract and payment

After the two parties agree on the values that the service brings, they will sign a contract on the principle of voluntary, clear, and transparent. Finally, proceed to the payment.

danh gia

Stage 3: Project implementation

  • Project Initialization
    – Prepare and submit project plans.
    – Conduct customer surveys.
    – Research competitors, topics and confirm suitable ad proposals.
  • Setting up Ads
    – Optimize Fanpage to meet standards before advertising such as working time, images, website,…
    – Install Facebook Ads campaign based on agreed information: ad template, message, content, image, video, ad object, time, and place of advertisement.
    – Set up campaigns and metrics.
  • Make it work
    – Run ads according to the approved settings.
    – Monitor metrics and manage Facebook Ads accounts.
    – Perform periodic evaluation and optimization to make the campaign stable and effective.
danh gia ket qua

Stage 4: Monitoring, reporting and optimizing the project.

  • Weekly reporting and suggestions for improvement.
  • Report summarizing the campaign and proposing improvement plans for the next campaign.

Why should businesses use Facebook advertising services at GOBRANDING?

As we are oriented and positioned ourselves as one of the leading Online Marketing companies in Vietnam and reaching out to the world, GOBRANDING always puts the quality and trust of customers first. We create different values for businesses to use the service with peace of mind:

Inheriting more than 17 years of experience from Japanese Marketing experts, we accurately bring you to reach potential customers thanks to our valuable experience in dealing with and working with many situations.

Over the past 7 years, GOBRANDING has accompanied over 2,000 businesses to give the right marketing direction and strategy.

Understanding the overall marketing strategy from the staff to the leadership will advise you on the optimal Facebook Ads solution on budget and with high efficiency.

Use SEMrush – the world’s leading Digital Marketing tool to analyze data and report results to customers.

Facebook Ads advertising service at GOBRANDING shall guarantee

Detailed plan from the start

Cost transparency

Clear and specific reporting

Customers have been accompanying and succeeding with GOBRANDING

Reach your potential customers today with Facebook advertising service at GOBRANDING


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