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The price of SEO services is an investment in the future to continually create new and profitable value for your business. It is not a depreciation expense (which decreases in value over time). Therefore, the investment resources, professionalism, and expertise of the SEO service provider will largely determine whether your SEO investment will have a high success rate or not.

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The lasting value of investing in SEO for a successful website

A website that customers can view 24 hours a day & 7 days a week.

In the case of other paid advertising, even if you spend money on advertising, your messages will not be 100% visible to your customers. The advertising system always arranges for your content and your competitor’s content to be displayed. Particularly successful SEOs on Top will already see your website on the first page of search results when customers search for keywords to do SEO.

This helps you feel at ease,  especially when customers who need your products/services shall actively find you in the search results!

There is no need to worry about price hikes due to increased competition.

The billing mechanism for Facebook ads, Google ads, and other ad types is a pay-per-click or per impression. At the same time, companies have to bid to get the most “favorable” ad display position. In other words, the more companies participate in the battle of ads, the more competition there is and the higher the bidding price.

For SEO investment, you don’t have to pay for each click. The fee paid for SEO is a fixed amount invested in resources to make your website good and strong continuously, from there to the Top Google sustainably. The number of clicks to the website is no longer limited like the budget to run Ads.

Investment value will increase over time.

A website with a lack of internal resources may be able to advertise, but it is extremely difficult to get to the top of Google’s search results. Investing in SEO, therefore, means investing in a series of professional tasks to constantly grow your website’s internal resources, turn your website into an industry-leading force, and ensure that your results to the top are sustainable!

While customers may be hesitant when it comes to getting an SEO quote, whether it’s a keyword SEO quote, an SEO traffic quote, or an overall SEO quote, investing in SEO is completely beneficial to your company. The more content you have that meets the information needs of your potential customers, the more people will gradually visit your website and get to know your brand, products and services.

With the accumulation of website SEO optimization activities and increased traffic, your company’s top position will be further strengthened.

What kind of investment in a website is included in the price of SEO services?

Checking, analysis, and evaluation

  • Analyze and evaluate whether the entire website has been on SEO standard.
  • Competitor analysis (keywords, links, resources…)
  • Analyze and evaluate in order to select landing pages for SEO.
  • Review, check and re-evaluate the important content on your website.

Overall website optimization

  • Propose and implement optimization of the entire website based on 27 comprehensive SEO criteria.
  • Provide consulting services to improve user experience and Google scores.
  • Monitor and review algorithm changes and quickly implement optimization of the entire website.

Landing page optimization

  • Propose and implement landing page optimization based on 10 SEO criteria.
  • Monitor and optimize landing pages to ensure that they contribute to sales and comply with algorithm requirements.

Content optimization (on-site)

  • Optimize your website content according to Google’s standards to increase traffic with content that is truly valuable to your customers.
  • Track conversion rates for important content and have a plan to increase efficiency.

Off-site optimization

  • Plan and build the right quality and quantity of resources for your website.
  • Create internal links to landing pages to increase the quality of the landing pages.
  • Create website links to empower, increase authority, and ranking of your website, also landing pages.

Continue on project monitoring

  • Continuously monitor, analyze, and update algorithms to improve keyword rankings.
  • Advise clients on sustainable website development solutions through regular evaluation.
  • Make recommendations when there are negative impacts in the process of managing the website for the customer.

Pricing for SEO Services

  • The price of GOBRANDING‘s SEO services depends on the number of keywords that require SEO at the same time, and the difficulty of each keyword.
Keyword Difficulty 10 words plan 15 words plan 10 words plan 30 words plan
Ordinary 1.184.100 VND/Word 987.405 VND/Word 888.000 VND/Word 789.345 VND/Word
Difficult 2.368.200 VND/Word 1.974.810 VND/Word 1.776.000 VND/Word 1.578.690 VND/Word
Very difficult 4.736.400 VND/Word 3.949.620 VND/Word 3.552.000 VND/Word 3.157.380 VND/Word

As you perform SEO on more keywords, the unit price per word on the same level shall be gradually decreased.

From Google to social, we cover your business brand on a variety of platforms. Shall you aim for long term growth with our total SEO services.

Overall SEO Service Quote

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Keywords in the industry

Be on top ranking of a series of keywords in your industry

100% guaranteed Top 10

Refund mechanism to ensure customer benefit

Daily automatic ranking report

Ongoing website brand development consulting

Project planning and transparent acceptance

Are you ready to launch an SEO campaign to ensure sustainable growth of your online business?

Connect with GOBRANDING’s SEO experts from now on! We own the experience from Japan SEO experts and the world’s leading authority experts on search engines at SEMrush.

GOBRANDING confidently helps you create a successful SEO strategy!

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Our concepts are

“Whether the cost of SEO is high or low is a relative concept. What matters most is the results you get are worth the cost.

If it’s worth it or exceeds your expectations, how much that you’ve spent is still quite cheap!”

After using SEO services, your website will continuously attract more and more potential customers, thereby transforming your online business.

GOBRANDING’s commitment to quality


Effective SEO

Increase the number of potential customers visiting your website.


SEO with high security

Do not use any black hat SEO that is harmful to your website.


Sustainable SEO

Keyword to the top is stable, you get a regular number of visitors to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions about GOBRANDING’s SEO Services

Why does SEO need multiple keywords?

SEO using many keywords optimizes the time to get to the top and costs more.

SEO with multiple keywords brings in a large amount of traffic, which leads to more customers. This is because customers search for many different types of keywords.

SEO with many keywords completes your website comprehensively and limits the penalties from Google.

How long does it take to bring a keyword to the top?

GOBRANDING will implement your keywords on the front page in 5-7 months in order to develop a website that can safely and naturally rank and maximize the benefits from SEO in the long run:

-Two months focus on overall optimization (onsite) and landing pages (on-page).

-One to two months focus on optimizing critical content on the website, handling non-standard SEO errors, and improving content quality.

-3 months focus on off-site optimization (off-page) to promote keywords to the top of Google.

At the same time, GOBRANDING will constantly monitor the Google algorithm throughout the SEO project and immediately re-optimize if there are any changes.

By being inherited from Japanese professional project implementation process, GOBRANDING ensures that all phases of the project - onsite, on-page, and off-page - are conducted simultaneously, making it as time efficient as possible. Our customers can immediately see the benefits of SEO as their keywords appear on the first page of Google.

What keywords will you choose based on your marketing budget?

With a "modest" SEO budget, you need to choose keywords that focus on sales followed by each product/service group. Since it is difficult to rank high for short keywords, you need to select more scalable keywords (niche keywords) and use shorter keywords for SEO.

For larger SEO budgets (about 50 words or more), in addition to sales keywords, you can add informational keywords to help you meet your brand development goals.

For more information, see: How to Choose Effective SEO Keywords.

Does GOBRANDING have any experience with SEO in my field?

At GOBRANDING, we have successfully SEO'd tens of thousands of keywords to the top of Google for over 2,000 clients in a variety of fields.

With in-depth SEO knowledge of the competitive landscape in the search market and in your field, our SEO experts can assist your website and direct you to the most effective SEO strategy.

Does GOBRANDING receive SEO for many sites in the same industry?

The results we receive from our customers are our reputation. GOBRANDING's workflow ensures that our solutions are validated by a team of experts before they are sent to our customers.

How can I track my SEO progress?

As soon as you activate your project, you will be immediately given an account to use GOBRANDING's unique "project management" system. You can then proactively monitor, check, and respond quickly to your SEO projects.

You will receive daily email automated keyword ranking reports, optimization stage-by-stage work completion reports, and regular reports for the entire project every 6 months.

At the same time, we will organize face-to-face and/or online meetings with you if more information needs to be exchanged to help your project achieve better results.

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26.135 Keywords to improve rankings

2.029 Satisfied customers

We promise that we will not raise our prices for the first year of SEO services with GOBRANDING.

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