GOBRANDING’s SEO keyword service was developed by inheriting knowledge, experience, tools, and specialized project management methods from SEMrush, one of the world’s leading search engine software development companies, in addition to our experts in the SEO field in Japan.

    GOBRANDING’s SEO keyword service supports your sales.


By making it easier for your company to be found on Google, you can continue to attract new potential customers.

Your marketing online activities will be more effective and sustainable.

Higher conversion rates will also have the effect of optimizing your marketing budget, which will contribute to securing profits.

  Data on the search market in Vietnam


Google has 95% of the search market share.


The percentage of clicks on the top 10 organic searches is 92%.


The percentage of clicks on the top 10 organic searches is 92%.

 GOBRANDING’s SEO service  can help maximize a company’s resources based on the demands of users (potential customers) who search on Google.

Dịch vụ SEO dựa trên nhu cầu tìm kiếm

Professional SEO implementation is based on the demands of users.

Other forms of advertising, such as Facebook ads, banner ads, and email marketing, force you to display ads to your customers even when there is no demand.

  In Google search, on the other hand, users are free to enter keywords that indicate their search needs. In the act of doing so, users have the feeling of being able to choose what they want to see, which is what sets it apart from other forms of advertising. Through our SEO keyword services, you can choose the right set of keywords for your users’ website SEO to reach your target audience accurately and increase brand awareness. This will help you to continuously attract new potential prospects and build a sustainable brand.

SEO is a very effective and sustainable online marketing solution.

Using other Internet marketing services such as cost-per-click advertising (CPC advertising) or Google ads has the following disadvantages

・You will pay the cost directly to Google or other media.

・If the number of competing bidders for the same keyword increases during the advertising period, you may be forced to change the cost per click.   

This is because with GOBRANDING’s SEO services, you pay a fixed amount for the duration of your ad placement, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuations in your ad budget due to increased bidding. 

Furthermore, even if the SEO service is terminated, the company’s website will not be automatically deleted and will remain in the top search position unless a competitor rises to a higher position.

We offer SEO services and strategies to help companies keep their websites in good shape, also in-house resources are constantly increasing. The results of your SEO improvement efforts will steadily accumulate on your website, so it is a measure that should be positioned as a long-term online marketing strategy.


Dịch vụ SEO giúp tăng tỷ lệ chuyển đổi

Conversion rate is the most important point.

Many companies say they spend lots of money to increase traffic to their websites. However, many of them focus only on increasing traffic and forget about the more important thing: conversion rate.

Have you ever accurately measured data such as the number of visits and clicks to your website?  Instead of focusing on worthless traffic, GOBRANDING’s SEO services always focus on providing effective solutions that can really help you improve your conversion rate. 

“For the same money, we’ll invest it more wisely”

Get your customers to see your products and services before your competitors do!

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The first SEO service company in Vietnam to receive investment from Japan.

Nhà đầu tư Nhật Bản của GOBRANDING - Allgrow Labo

By being inherited and continuously incorporated from Japanese experts with over 17 years of experience in the field of SEO and digital marketing, we have been continuously investing in GOBRANDING’s SEO services for over 7 years. We provide high quality SEO services and have been highly praised by our clients.

SEMrush’s exclusive distributor in Vietnam

Chuyên gia search engine Semrush

SEMrush is one of the world’s leading experts in the search engine industry, and many professionals, employees and experts have worked at Google.

We have inherited the expertise of both Japanese SEO experts and Semrush, Inc.

In-depth Knowledge

In-depth knowledge of SEO, keeping up with the latest Google algorithm status.

Plenty of SEO Experiences

Numerous years of experience implementing effectively for customers in a variety of industries.

Valid SEO Methods

A global standard for project management methods.

SEO Supporting  Tools

Use of the SEMrush suite of tools for effective project management.

Công cụ hỗ trợ seo marketing SEMrush

dịch vụ SEO từ khóa uy tín được đầu tư từ Nhật Bản

Professional keyword SEO service process at GOBRANDING

Overall SEO service for your entire website with a highly specialized team!


Overall website optimization (on-site SEO)


On-page optimization, also known as website auditing, also known as “internal optimization,” is an editing process that makes a website more user-friendly. If this process is not done properly, it can seriously affect the entire website. For such concerns, GOBRANDING SEO services offer the following solutions

  • Analyze and evaluate the SEO standards of your entire website using a 24-point checklist.
  • Analyze your competitors, make recommendations, and then implement overall optimization (SEO for the entire website).
  •  We track, check for any algorithm changes and optimize the entire website quickly.

Landing page optimization (on-page SEO)


Landing page optimization is one of the very important steps in SEO keyword services. It determines the standard SEO level, the user experience on the landing page, and the conversion rate of your SEO keywords.

  • Analyze and evaluate and select the right landing page.
  • Work on optimizing the landing page.
  • Check and adjust the landing page to make it optimal. Make sure the landing page always meets the requirements of Google’s algorithm.

Website optimization (SEO content)


In addition to optimizing landing pages, content SEO can standardize important content and increase the overall strength of your website.  


  • Check and reorganize the important content on your website.  
  • Conduct in-depth research on product and industry trends, find and optimize content that Google values highly, and drive traffic with content that is truly valuable to customers.
  •  Improve the efficiency of your SEO services by tracking the conversion rates of your key content.

 External optimization of your website (off-page SEO)


Off-page SEO is the process of building high quality backlinks and promoting your website widely. As a result, potential customers can access the landing page through the links. It improves the branding of your company.

  •  Analyze your competitors (keywords, links, resources, etc.).
  •  Build your website with the right quality and allocate the right resources.
  •  Increase the strength, improve the credibility, and increase the ranking of your landing page.

Continuously monitor and maintain rankings


GOBRANDING’s Google Top SEO service ranks your keywords on Google’s front page and then constantly checks the ranking trends. We will continuously push your keywords to the top while maintaining your top 10 keyword position.

  • Continuously track, analyze, and update your website to improve keyword rankings; quickly optimize items inside and outside of your website when you receive information about changes in Google’s algorithm. 


  • Conduct regular reviews to better advise companies on solutions to develop their websites faster and more sustainably.
  • If the website is experiencing negative external influences, GOBRANDING will inform you of the actions to be taken to coordinate between the two parties in order to prevent them as soon as possible.
  • If your website violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, we will advise you of this.

GOBRANDING is committed to following the rules

Authentic SEO Consulting

We always try to consult SEO services for your individual products or services with the appropriate needs, not with unclear advertisements.

Safe SEO Implementation

If you do black hat SEO (getting to the top of Google searches through dishonest methods), you can easily be penalized by Google, even though you may jump to the page immediately. It is important to do safe SEO, even if it takes time!

Maintain a sustained rank

Once your keywords are at the top of the search results and then drop, the chances of a steady number of customers accessing your website are low. Therefore, choose GOBRANDING’s sustainable SEO services to keep your business in good standing for the long term.

Special Points of GOBRANDING’s SEO Keyword Service

Refund system promises benefits to customers.

Successful experience in many areas of SEO consulting.

Over 17 years of SEO experience from SEMrush’s Japanese experts and international search engine experts.

We apply a rigorous Japanese project development process and utilize the SEMrush tool.

Website enhancement through overall optimization (On-site), optimization of sales landing pages (On-page), and optimization of existing content.

The focus of our SEO services is to ensure profitability during the maintenance phase, and GOBRANDING will continue to work to maintain your keyword rankings.

“We would like to accompany you on a long-term basis.”

Customer success with GOBRANDING company

GOBRANDING’s SEO services have gained a lot of trust with over 2,000 clients and 3,000 projects. Many of our clients have developed 2-3 websites and have maintained a steady stream of SEO projects over the years.


See more about: GOBRANDING’s featured customers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Services

How long does it take to get my SEO keywords to the top?

We are working on bringing them to the top in an approximate period of 6 months. During this period, depending on the competition for the keyword, and the internal resources of the website, it may take less time to reach the top, or it may take longer. For keywords that have not shown any results after 6 months, we will extend our SEO services for another 3 months without any additional SEO fees.

What happens if my keyword is still not at the top of the list after 3 months of extension?

SEO is a long-term investment process and it takes time to improve your internal resources and increase your quality score. After extending the SEO service for 3 months, if the keyword is still not at the top, GOBRANDING will refund 3 months of the SEO fee to guarantee maximum benefit to the customer.

Which keywords should I choose for SEO?

Our SEO service consultants make decisions according to their analysis:

- We prioritize keywords that focus on your product or service strategy.

- We also prioritize competing keywords according to internal resources.

How do I get a report?

- After each phase of the SEO service implementation, we will report on the work completed. - After 6 months, we will report the status of the project. At the same time, we will email you daily keyword rankings from the beginning to the end of the project.

Can I get a discount if I request multiple keywords at the same time?

Our pricing is based on the number of keywords and their difficulty level. The more keywords you implement, the more the unit price for the same level will gradually decrease. For more information on pricing, please see our : SEO Services Quotes.

Currently, my keyword is on the second or third page. Can you still shorten the turnaround time?

If your keyword ranks on page 2 or 3, you are in a competitive situation. If your keyword reaches the top before 6 months, then it is an effective investment. However, your billing schedule will not change.

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To be effective in Google’s search results, it is essential to be among the top 10 results that appear in organic searches.

Get started with SEO services and start reaping the business benefits right away.

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