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Normally, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, about 50% of your potential customers will leave!

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Page loading speed is the top prioritized factor that users value when accessing a website!

Therefore, if your website has a “red alert” loading speed, please be careful. Here is an example of how bad it is.


Poor UX performance

When you access a website, loading speed and navigational features may be very poor and slow. There is a high probability that you will leave the site after viewing only one page on it, resulting in low UX quality.

Lower your website’s ranking

Page loading speed is one of the most important factors in SEO. Search engines not only show pages that contain the most relevant content to users, but also show websites that offer a great UX. Slow page loading speed and poor UX will reduce the rank of your website.

Low conversion rate

No one wants to spend a lot of time waiting for the content of a website they visit to load when there are many other websites out there. Customers will quickly leave that website and move to an optimized website with faster page loading speed.

Ineffective website access advertising

For example, even if you promote your website through search tools, social, and other channels and are able to attract the right target audience if they click on the link and do not see your website, they will quickly leave. This will reduce the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

1 second is not too long, but it is enough to stop your company’s sales activities!

GOBRANDING has over 17 years of experience in website marketing and understands the importance of page loading speed in UX. We have developed our Website optimization services to help your company improve the quality of your website for search tools and users.

“Speeding Up Your Website – Improving Conversion Rates”

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As an improvement to your website, we offer a service to optimize page loading speed:

Improve the UX when accessing websites.

Supports higher ranking of web pages in search results.

Increase the conversion rate of your advertising campaigns.

Quickly improve page loading speed while ensuring SEO standards and strict adherence to UX elements.

Each item that affects the page loading speed (HTML code, graphics, malicious code, etc.) is checked and optimized correctly by our website experts.

Is your website speed at an alarming rate?

Check and optimize it right away with GOBRANDING!

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