Google Ad Services (Google Ads) is an online marketing solution that allows you to reach potential customers quickly, accurately and with an optimal budget.


3 Types of GOBRANDING Google Ads to Grow Your Business

Search Network Ads (Google Search Ads)

Search network advertising is a type of advertising on Google search that displays matching results when users search for keywords. GOBRANDING’s Google search advertising service improves advertising effectiveness and conversion rates on landing pages by quickly and accurately reaching out to target customers based on keywords that match users’ needs. Thereby, it shall increase advertising effectiveness and conversion rates on landing pages.

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Shopping Ads (Google Shopping Ads)


All of the product information, including product description, images, and price, is displayed in a prominent position, making this ad suitable for companies that run online stores. Ads are fully displayed in extremely prominent positions on the results page (SERP): the first position on the search results or the right side of the search results screen.

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Google Display Network Ads


Google Display Network Ads allow you to display your message in an image to users surfing the web on Google platforms and partner sites. Since these display ads have a wide reach, they are often used in remarketing campaigns. It is effective in the following ways.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Effectively reach out to customers
  • Can remind your customers of the brand and stimulate their curiosity
Quảng cáo Mạng hiển thị (Google Display Network)

Google ad campaign also includes the following outstanding benefits.

dịch vụ quảng cáo google Reach out to your target customers quickly

Costs are only incurred when a user clicks on the ad

dịch vụ quảng cáo google Results are transparent and accurate

GOBRANDING’s Google Ads service optimizes your cost-per-click

Reduction of advertising costs

Giảm áp lực chi phí quảng cáo

With nearly a decade of experience in co-developing Google’s standard website optimization with experts in Japan, GOBRANDING understands the best way to improve your website’s score in search engines, both improving UX and reducing the cost of ad clicks.

Targeting the right audience

GOBRANDING’s Google advertising service is not just about displaying your ads at the top of Google’s search results or in a prominent position, but it also thoroughly analyzes aspects such as your industry and competitors to ensure that the right ads are placed on the right targets.

It also accurately analyzes the psychology and behavior of potential customers and targets them by keywords, region, age, language, time, frequency, etc. to improve operational efficiency.

Promoting activities that lead to sales
Nhanh chóng thúc đẩy hoạt động tạo ra doanh số

 Are you currently facing any challenges in your promotional activities? Google Ads is a quick way to increase sales, because they allow you to show your website to new and returning customers as soon as you complete the ad setup (remarketing campaign).

These advantages, combined with our experience in optimizing over 3,200 websites to Google’s standards, will help you reach the right target customers and provide with more satisfying information, drive more orders, and increase sales.

Optimizing Conversion Rates alongside Your Budget with Google Ad Services

Increase the effectiveness of Google ads with GOBRANDING!

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The professional process of GOBRANDING Google advertising services

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Step 1 – Getting Started

  1. Provide preliminary website evaluation, project plan, and project proposal.
  2. The present of detailed proposals for landing page selection, keyword selection, and ad design.
  3. Confirm the suggestion of templates for landing page optimization, keywords, and ads.
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Step 2 – Setup

  1. Optimize landing page content to match ad messages and guide customers to purchase based on marketing principles.
  2. Set up Google Ads accounts with agreed-upon keywords, messages, landing page content, audience, time, and location.
  3. Set up campaigns and metrics.
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Step 3 – Execution

  1. Start running Google Ads.
  2. Track and manage Google Ads account based on metrics. Regularly review and optimize for stable and effective campaigns.
  3. Track conversions for each campaign and adjust accordingly.
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Step 4 – Measurement, Report and Optimization

  1. Measure the quality of the ads and the number of conversions.
  2. Report and exchange opinions with the customer and suggest appropriate improvements based on the campaign results. The goal is to optimize costs and improve investment efficiency.

GOBRANDING proud about 17 years of experience in the field of web marketing.

We work directly and collaborate with Japanese online marketing experts who are familiar with Google algorithms and search engines.


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We are the exclusive distributor of SEMrush, a leading digital marketing analysis and management tool, in the Vietnamese market, and we apply this tool to all projects conducted by GOBRANDING.


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Fequently Asked Questions about Google Ads Advertising Services

If I use Landing page as SEO to run ads, do I need to re-optimize?

If you use the Landing page as SEO to run ads, depending on each case, GOBRANDING will optimize a number of factors to ensure the effectiveness of both activities:

- - If you run ads before doing SEO: GOBRANDING will optimize the entire content and structure of the page to best match user behavior and Google standards.

- - If you do SEO before running ads: The process of optimizing SEO and Google Ads will be the same in some Google standards, so if you have done SEO before, the optimization work will still be done but will be less than. Normally, we will re-optimize keywords, content, and behavior if the set of keywords that run ads are different from the set of keywords for SEO. Nevertheless the mandatory condition of any of these optimizations is not to harm SEO.

Can the newly designed website alongside less content run Google ads?

With new websites, there is little content that is often difficult to reach customers in organically. So implementing Google Ads ads is an effective way to lead visitors to the website. Besides, Google does not care about the quality of the website running ads, but only cares about the quality of the running landing page, so the new website can completely run ads.

What's the difference between an Ads landing page and an SEO landing page?

In general, the SEO landing page and the landing page for Ads purpose are no different. So if you want to measure the performance of two activities separately, you can split them into two pages. In case no measurement is needed, GOBRANDING recommends using the same site to both do SEO and run ads. Because when performing these two activities in parallel, they will affect and support each other to help bring faster and better results.

What is the minimum budget to run ads?

The Google Ads service advertising budget usually does not specify a minimum limit, because in the end, the result that we aim for is the target set by the client. So depending on your business field, goals (orders, traffic...), budget, keyword competition,... that GOBRANDING will advise you on an effective implementation plan with optimal budget.

How long does it take to run Google Ads ads to be effective?

Normally, if you want your Google Ads campaign to be effective, the deployment of the service is estimated at least for 3 months. In the first month, GOBRANDING will conduct campaign setup, monitoring and regular optimization to make the campaign stable. And the next time you should continue to maintain the campaign to see the growth and effectiveness that Google Ads brings.

If I do SEO and run Google ads on the same landing page, will there be an optimization fee for both services?

Currently, GOBRANDING is having a special promotion for customers who deploy both SEO services and Google advertising services at the same time. You can leave contact information for GOBRANDING to advise in more detail.

Google Advertising Service

To support customers accelerate revenue with optimal cost

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Increase the effectiveness of Google ads with GOBRANDING!

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